Some of the derp encountered prior to the ‘Do-Re-Mi’ performance in SS4.

I do hope the face you requested anon is in these screencaps!! Sorry it took so long, I just finished moving and couldn’t find my DVD. :) 


Then & Now


TVXQ Yunho, Super Junior Lee Teuk, SNSD Seo Hyun and f(x) Krystal - 1st Look Magazine

thank you for protecting and supporting Super Junior as the leader ,filling in for Leeteuk oppa, for the past couple of years.your guidance as the leader for the past two years have shown how capable you are as a person and how well you handled situations brought upon by that responsibility,that you are a person who is passionate and loving.thank you for guiding SJ and ELFs towards that 2 years.i’m happy and thankful that you were chosen to be our leader during those times.i’m sorry that we sometimes forget that you can only handle too much.i’m sorry that sometimes ELFs are lacking in our capabilities,specially on being more loyal and loving towards all of you.but i hope that you continue on being the best person that you are.now that Leeteuk is coming back,i hope you have more time to rest before you get caught up in a whirlwind of activities again.thank you so so much Lee Hyukjae.Thank you leader!hyuk.we ♥ you!

please trend #ThanksHyukJae until Monday.let us show him how much we appreciate how he have worked hard for all of us.