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Asian ELF, please stop.

Asian ELF, sorry for not live in Korea, Japan, China or other asian country.

Asian ELF, sorry for our country’s shitty economy.

Asian ELF, sorry for have to eat, pay counts, pay our medicines.

Asian ELF, sorry for being under-age.

Asian ELF, sorry for not being since start.

Asian ELF, we only want you to know that International ELF are putting all of them for this comeback. We are doing publicity here in our countrys, we are searching good stores for get our albums, we are trending in social medias, we are here.

We are not less than Asian ELF. You have no right to tell us we are bad fans. You are not more than International ELF.

ELF it’s a fucking fandom, it’s time to be a fucking family and let the fucking differences aside.

We are International ELF and we want respect.


Some of the derp encountered prior to the ‘Do-Re-Mi’ performance in SS4.

I do hope the face you requested anon is in these screencaps!! Sorry it took so long, I just finished moving and couldn’t find my DVD. :) 


Then & Now


TVXQ Yunho, Super Junior Lee Teuk, SNSD Seo Hyun and f(x) Krystal - 1st Look Magazine